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Ep. 51 - Michael Massucci - Dr. Carol Dweck Quote

March 08, 2021 Scott Rosberg Season 2 Episode 51
Great Quotes for Coaches Podcast
Ep. 51 - Michael Massucci - Dr. Carol Dweck Quote
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In today's episode, we are back to the interview type of format. I interview Coach Michael Massucci from Royal Oak, Michigan. Michael runs AEO Leadership. He has been a history teacher and basketball coach for many years, and he has been the educational coach for the the Michigan Elite 25 Basketball program for many years, as well.

Michael's books Elite Journey: A Young Man's Leadership Story and Elite Journey 2: The First Task of Leadership are excellent books that outline his ideas on leadership through the acronym ELITE and through a fictional story of a high school basketball player. I loved both books so much that I used elements of them as a guide for my first fiction book that came out last year, Ultimate Team Player. I highly recommend you check out Michael's books.

The quote that Michael discusses today is from Dr. Carol Dweck's outstanding book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. (That is another book I highly recommend you check out.) This quote gets at the heart of what motivates us, which is always important for teachers, coaches, parents, and leaders to be better able to help them improve at working with others.

You can reach Michael through his website,, Twitter at @CoachMassucci or you can email him at

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