Great Quotes for Coaches Podcast

Ep. 31 - Alan Stein, Jr. - Habits and Dreams

October 19, 2020 Scott Rosberg Season 1
Great Quotes for Coaches Podcast
Ep. 31 - Alan Stein, Jr. - Habits and Dreams
Show Notes

In today's episode, we move back to the interview format. This one is a special treat for me, as I get to talk to a coach who I have followed online for many years. His name is Alan Stein, Jr.

I first found Alan when he was a basketball skills trainer, and he was doing all kinds of videos for players and coaches to help improve their skills and performance. I used a variety of his strategies with my players and my teams. However, I also loved his messages of leadership and productivity for coaches. As he transitioned from basketball skills trainer to a trainer of coaches, CEOs, and leaders of any type, I found myself going back to him again and again.

Alan talks about a quote in our conversation that is extremely powerful. It is also from a source unlike any other that we have had so far on the podcast, and I don't know if we will ever have another guest on the podcast who will have a quote from the same type of source that Alan's quote came from. (Now wasn't that an excellent tease to get you to listen?!)

Alan is extremely active on all the social channels. He has written a book called Raise Your Game, and he also has his own podcast called the Raise Your Game Show that I highly recommend you check out. Finally, he has produced a couple of courses - one for athletes and one for coaches - on raising your personal productivity.

You can find out more about Alan in the following places:

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