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Coach K - 5 Qualities of Great Teams

March 07, 2022 Scott Rosberg Season 4 Episode 103
Great Quotes for Coaches Podcast
Coach K - 5 Qualities of Great Teams
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Today's episode is focused on a quote by Mike Krzyzewski, better known as Coach K, the men's basketball coach at Duke University. After 42 years of coaching at Duke, he is retiring at the end of this season. 

He was honored this past Saturday evening after his final home game at Cameron Indoor Stadium with a very nice ceremony. At the ceremony, Nina King, the director of athletics, was one of a few administrators to speak and honor Coach K.

During her speech, she read the quote in today's episode about the five qualities that all great teams have. The quote is actually from Coach K's book, Leading with the Heart, one of my favorite books ever, and a book I highly recommend you read. In this episode, I read the quote from the book, as well as quite a few others from the chapter on Teamwork where the original quote is found.

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